My eventual multi fuel stoves winner

The weather is cold but multi fuel stoves keep you toastie

The weather leaves a lot to be desired coming from Hawaii but since I went looking for multi fuel stoves to keep warm I have been toastie warm in my flat.
I am always complaining about the cold weather so when I went to a friends house and saw his multi fuel stoves, one in the kitchen and one in the sitting room I was sold on the idea. I thought it was going to cost a fortune to get one for myself but my friend suggesting I went for a package deal and I soon found a shop offering a deal on supply and fit of two multi fuel stoves. The one was a Franco Belge and the other a British make called Trianco. I opted to go for one of the 8kw multi fuel stoves as I have a big open plan living space and eventually went for a modern looking Trianco Newton. For under £2000 I got the stove, fitting and a large log delivery and that was enough to keep me going a couple of months so I think it was great value for money.

Better still multi fuel stoves cost little to run

I live close to a woodland and there always logs lining around but they have to be seasoned for a year or two so I bought a few large delivery cubic metre bags to keep me going until the logs and donated logs I am seasoning are ready to burn I can use this to keep my home lovely and warm.
Lots of friends and family are always saying they have chopped down a tree of got me some logs from downed trees so I would say after this season I will have a seasoned stock ready to burn when it gets cold again.
The showroom salesman guesstimated a 50% reduction in my gas bills but so far I am doing a little better than that so I am over the moon with that and can highly recommend multi fuel stoves as a way of cutting down your energy costs and adding a real feature to any room.

Kicking back in front of multi fuel stoves

Nothing beats kicking back after lighting up multi fuel stoves and relaxing with a glass of wine and the love of my life all we need now is a labrador in front of it to and we are quintessential middle England with a splattering of hawaiian.
It is probably the best thing I have ever done in the home and we are both mad about it. The real fire warmth is nothing like gas or electric and having to chop the logs and prepare the fire never fails to put a huge smile on my face.
If you have ever though about multi fuel stoves before why have you not already installed one, take my advise and get back down to the showroom and get it done I would be amazed if you didn’t love it.

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