engraved plaques on the awards night

My job was to organize the engraved plaques

We had our annual awards night last week it was a mix of our Christmas bash and the awards bash, and we all had to contribute to the organizing and dealing with everything that was needed including the trophies and engraved plaques
for the event.
I had to get the venue sorted and the trophies organized which included getting them engraved with the winner’s names. Organising the venue was easy as we stayed in a cracking place last year with superb staff and so that was just a quick phone call but I also had to go around the local town to find someone that did the trophies we would need and who could engrave the plaques.

I found someone to do the engraved plaques and supply the trophies

It took all day to track someone down who could do both and I ordered all the stuff we needed in one big swoop. The guy took all the names of the winners and let me pick out the trophies for all the different sections and awards and it would only take a couple of weeks for them to be done and I could pop back to pick them up.
Everyone was on it me to spill the beans as to who was winning the main prizes for best player biggest influence on the team etc but I was sworn to secrecy from the boss, who said any leaks would result in some hefty training sessions for me for the next year!

I picked up the trophies and the engraved plaques came out well

Two weeks passed and it was time to pick up the trophies. I was really impressed with the work and the guy did a great job of the engraving. Considering how many he had to do they were all perfect and the only problem I then had was to make sure non of the boys saw them at my house.
The night was a great laugh and the biggest surprise was “little ol me” won an award which the gaffer had got done without letting me know. The trophies were all well received and everyone seemed to have a fantastic night although many including myself didn’t have the best morning after!
Now the night is over and the dust has settled we are all focusing on the next part of the season and maintaining the good start we have had. We have to play on Boxing day which given the boys track record should be interested especially as it’s a 11am kick off. I would imagine we will have a few sore heads and no shows but hopefully the other team will suffer the same fate.
We are second in the league at the moment the highest we have ever been so hopefully we can all have a nice but gentle Christmas Day and get that all important result against the forth placed team. Big thanks for the help http://www.stonesign.com

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