Our mo’olelo

I was seeking a better economic situation. I am from Hilo-side of the Big Island and when the sure mills closed and the jobs that were available were even harder to find, that was my signal to look elsewhere. I was a vocational counselor in Hilo and saw first hand the economic outlook as far as job availability.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia and the main difficulties as I see it is the total lack of anything culturally Hawaiian. No music, no get-togethers, no halau of any quality. The closest thing we have is Asian markets where we can get ingredients to make local style food. The culture here was a little difficult to understand as the racial polarity seems much stronger here.

I would prefer to live in Hawai’i, due to family, friends, the Hawaiian culture and understanding of the people around me.

Financially mainly… unable to see us affording to live there at the level we can easily live here on the mainland.


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