We have been living in Utah for 32 nearly years. My wife is from Kaneohe and she came to BYU to attend school. I too left Hawaii to attend BYU. We met here, went home to get married and returned to finish school. WE have seven children who were all born here. They all attended high school and graduated from here. Almost all of our children went to BYU Hawaii; one of my children had an opportunity to go to Kamehameha and graduated from there.

We moved to get a better education.

There were more opportunities here, but we did encounter some prejudices. My wife on several occasions stood in line at the movie theatre to buy popcorn and in the grocery stores and was not waited on. The clerk helped the person on the right, then on the left and then her. I had some similar experiences, but not many. Our children seemed to have encountered a little of that in high school.

If I had the choice to live here or in Hawaii, I would choose here because all my children live close by, we have seven grandchildren and we get together every Sunday for Family Home Evening and to have family dinner. I would love to move back to Hawaii but the cost of living is so high, we would have to work twice as hard to keep with the cost of living

Anonymous in Utah

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