I am from Pahoa, Big Island originally. Live in LA now but will be moving back to Windward O’ahu in 3 or 4 years. I left Hawai’i many years ago when my mother died and went to North Carolina to live with my father’s folks. I attended Wake Forest University over there in back in the 1960’s then went on to play football in the NFL with the Balitmore Colts and Washington Redskins. I kind of bounced back and forth between Los Angeles and Oahu. I’ve got small businesses in both places.

I am moving back to Hawai’i because “I neva like leave in the first place.” I am older now and not living the “fast life” anymore so I am just about ready to go back to where my heart has always been.


1.) I moved to the mainland for higher education with the intention of returning home, however the job offers were better in the mainland than in Hawai’i.

2.) It was difficult adjusting to the lifestyle, food and the fast paced environment here in the mainland. However, the most trying was being away from ‘Ohana and the culture

3.) If we had our choice we would return to Hawai’i, if we could take our jobs with us. Although my husband is from O’ahu, I am from Maui and would prefer to return to Maui so my children can experience the life I was accustomed to. Most importantly so our children can have daily contact with their extended families. Sadly, the job market is not able to offer us what the job market offers us here and without that we cannot survive as a family in Hawai’i. I would even consider any Hawaiian island just to be close to the culture and family again. Our children are being robbed of the greatest gift that my husband and I was so fortunate to be born into and that is the wisdom, love and spirit of the islands.


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