You’re interested, that’s great

Well you got this far and that must mean you are at least a bit interested in what I have to say, that blows me away so thanks for visiting. I suppose I have a fairly interesting background for you that watch Hawaii five-0 I used to live there but now I am in the UK. You may think that’s crazy, why would I leave the endless beautiful beaches, women in bikini’s and huge surf for the endless rain and cold of the United Kingdom.

Well stop press I love it here, don’t get me wrong I miss the surf, beaches and bikini’s but you have so many cool things to be proud of here too. As you might expect I am a fairly lay back character where I come from if you move fast you tire quick so its in my blood to take it easy and adopt the slow and steady wins the race mentality.

Hawaii to Southampton

I landed and arrived in Southampton a long time ago now to set up home and build a very different future with my now wife. Luckily home sickness was cured quickly by the warmth and generosity her family afforded me.

My now best friend and her brother was a legend when I arrived, I only knew my wife and he really took me under his wing putting up with me following him around and endless questions especially on the rules of beautiful game.

My passion for the local area is now even as strong as my love for Hawaii and the longer I spend here the more British I feel. The main reason for this is the quintessentially British way of embracing other cultures and beliefs.

Hawaii to Southampton

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog I hope you come back soon and hear more from the beach bum turned Saints fan.